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Eyeballs 16-8mm --- floating light

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glass eyeballs

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1. The quality of this baby's eye has no obvious size pupil and size iris, and there is no obvious color difference between the eyes. No obvious bubbles or impurities that affect wearing or taking pictures
2. After all, it is a hand-fired glass eye, which cannot be completely flawless. And most of the styles in our store have delicate eye lines, which cannot be completely symmetrical! The styles and colors of the multi-color design cannot be completely symmetrical ~ the size error of the color circle will be about 0.2mm.
3. There are slight burning marks on the back, and we will not accept returns or ask for small compensation on the grounds that the cloth on the back is uneven or the color of the eye circles is slightly asymmetrical.
Please be as gentle as possible when taking items out of the bag to avoid damage caused by some human factors.
This product is not used by real people and is only limited to bjd dolls.

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