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Han – kitty hands

Item Code: BH321126S
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No. Wrist circumference Palm length Wide palm Weight(g)
BH321126S 4.6cm (handball circumference) Left hand: 2.65 (without handball) 3.7 (with handball)
Right hand: 2.75 (no handball)
3.6 (plus handball)
2.2 (left hand)/2.2 (right hand) 11.2g

This hand is a micro-fist gesture, which can make a cute cat beckoning hand. The hand type is newly developed in January 2022, which strengthens the sensuality of cute and cute girls' hands and the bones of female hands such as 62 size. There are obvious age differences.
There is a 1/3 hands type which be sold that can be used with a handball of the same size.
Note: Please take the items out of the bag as gentle as possible to avoid damage caused by some human factors.

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