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1/3 youth Western style suit - Iliana

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Main fabric: dark jacquard cotton, jacquard yarn






1. White double-layer fluffy gauze skirt support *1
2. Dark pattern jacquard cotton pumpkin pants*1
3. Color matching lace with gemstone cotton socks*1 pair
4. Zircon Lace Ribbon Jewelry*1 Pair
5. Pearl zircon necklace*1
6. Vintage embroidered jacquard cotton puff sleeve main skirt*1
7. Lace jacquard tulle skirt*1
8. Retro white floral BB hat*1
A total of 8 pieces/set

Match Size

It is recommended to use the AS58 Linglong body. When wearing the AS58 body, 60 body and 62 body, the chest will be slightly tight, but it will not affect the overall effect. For other brands of dolls, please refer to the relevant parameters of this clothing, and those whose data is smaller than this set or close to the body data can be worn.


iliana is inspired by the elegant and lovely little lady, and the overall tone is mainly pink and white, supplemented by blue. The skirt is made of white jacquard cotton stitched with a fluffy gauze skirt, which makes the whole skirt reflect a fluffy feeling. Cotton pumpkin trousers further add to the fluffy feel of the skirt. The combination of layered lace and pearls at the neckline of the pink main skirt adds sophistication and elegance, the sleeves are designed with puff sleeves, and the skirt is embroidered with flowers. The retro lace bb hat adds a lot of flowers and lace elements, and the girl's heart is bursting. As an elegant little lady, of course there are no shortage of cute and lovely accessories. Pearl necklaces and lace jewelry are used as embellishments to enrich the details.

 Main Skirt
Size shoulder width chest circumference waistline skirt length
AS58cm 13cm 29cm 24cm 32cm
pumpkin pants
Size waistline hip circumference Leg circumference pants length
AS58cm 21cm 32cm 20.5cm 22.5cm
Size shoulder width skirt length
AS58cm 8cm 26cm
Skirt brace
Size waistline skirt length
AS58cm 15cm 18.5cm
hand accessory
Size hand accessory
AS58cm 5.3cm

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